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Should You Hire A Workers' Compensation Attorney?

Workers' compensation cases put the interests of the sick or injured individual against the interests of the employer. Because of this, you're often better off allowing your lawyer to handle any workers' compensation dispute you have, especially in the following circumstances:

You Aren't Sure Whether the Settlement Offer is Fair

It's common for people to accept a low settlement offer or accept the fact that their workers' compensation claim was denied without appeal, so don't be surprised if the settlement that you received from the workers' compensation insurer was lower than you expected. Ideally, the settlement that you receive should cover all of your medical bills, as well as any lost wages. If your settlement doesn't cover everything, you should contact a workers' compensation attorney.

You are No Longer Able to Work

If the medical injuries that you obtained while on the job resulted in a partial or permanent disability, you could be entitled to receive weekly workers' compensation payments for the rest of your life. or at least as long as you can't work. However, it's difficult to get a workers' compensation insurer to approve these types of payments because they can get costly. So, if you can't work for a specific amount of time, your best bet is to contact a workers' compensation attorney to handle your settlement.

You Feel Threatened By Your Boss For Filing A Claim

It's against the law for your boss to fire or demote you, reduce the amount of hours that you work or the amount of pay that you receive, or discriminate against you in any other way because you filed a workers' compensation claim. Employers have workers' compensation insurance to protect themselves and their employees, and you have a right to file a claim if you were injured at work. If your boss threatens you or retaliates after your claim was filed, you should consult an attorney.

You Receive Social Security Disability Benefits

If you receive Social Security disability benefits and your workers' comp claim isn't structured properly, the money that you receive from the workers' compensation insurer could affect the amount of Social Security that you receive. So, if you receive Social Security disability benefits for any reason, you should consider consulting an attorney before you even file your claim.

Workers' compensation settlements require judicial approval, but that doesn't mean that you should accept a settlement without consulting an attorney first. In most cases, unless the settlement is obviously unfair, a judge will approve it. So, it's important that you consult a workers' compensation attorney to make sure you're getting the best possible settlement. Consider contacting a professional like those at The Law Offices of Gregg Durlofsky.