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Debunking Frequent Myths concerning Social Security Disability Denial

You work hard for the entirety of your life and see social security taxes collected from your paycheck. If you become disabled, you would expect that obtaining this money to help you get by should not be that difficult. However, filing for and receiving your social security disability payments can be a lengthy process, and it is a little-known fact that only about 28 percent of disability claims are approved at the initial claim level. If you are denied your social security disability after you initially file a claim, it is definitely time to talk to a lawyer. Here are a few of the most common myths about social security disability denial. 

Myth: If you are denied at the initial claim, it is highly likely that you will be denied if your case goes to a hearing.

Fact: It is more likely that you will see a positive outcome in your case after your claim goes to a hearing. This is because a hearing will involve a more in-depth approach with professional medical and vocational experts who can take a more thorough look at your situation. 

Myth: Most people give up on their disability if they are denied the first time. 

Fact: It is true that there are several people who just file a claim on their own, receive a denial letter, and never go any further. However, most people understand that in order to obtain their disability, they may have to fight for it and keep pushing forward with the help of an attorney. This is one reason why working with an attorney from the start is a good idea. The attorney can help you understand that all is not lost after the initial decision and make choices about how to move forward. 

Myth: Most cases are denied because of lacking medical evidence. 

Fact: Medical evidence of your disability will definitely be an important factor in your case. However, there are other things that will affect the final decision as well. For example, if you are severely disabled in such a way that finding other employment would be almost impossible, there is a good chance you will get your disability. Therefore, many cases are denied simply because a person could easily find some type of work, even if it is not the typical work they have done in the past. 

When you take a look at the facts about being denied for your social security disability, it is easy to see that persistence pays off. It is always a good idea to start working with a social security disability lawyer, like one from the Law Offices Of Russell J. Goldsmith, from the beginning of your case when you first file a claim to see the best possible outcome in your situation.