No Need To Feel Alone

Protecting Yourself Before, During, And After A Motorcycle Accident

When pitted against larger vehicles in a road collision, motorcycles and riders often feel the brunt of both injuries and damages. Motorcyclists aren't protected by crumple zones and seat belts, and the best safety equipment doesn't keep all injuries at bay. Understanding how to protect yourself no matter what happens on the road helps keep motorcycle riding an enjoyable activity.

Know the Best Safety Precautions

Research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that mandating motorcycle helmet use via law is the one safety measure scientifically proven to reduce injuries and deaths in motorcycle accidents. Not all states mandate the use of helmets, but riders can always choose to protect themselves with appropriate clothing and equipment.

Other safety precautions to take before getting on a bike include avoiding any substance that might reduce your ability to effectively operate the motorcycle and taking rider training courses. Some areas require training courses for motorcycle licensure, but even in states without this requirement, rider training helps you develop skills for avoiding or minimizing accidents.

Operate in a Safe Manner

Because you can't control how other drivers approach the road, you must operate your motorcycle in the safest manner possible. Follow speed limits and other traffic laws, pay constant attention to the road and drivers around you, and avoid risky maneuvers such as unnecessary lane switching. Car and truck drivers do have an obligation to operate in a safe and lawful manner too, but they don't always see motorcycles. Failure to see a motorcycle doesn't excuse other drivers from possible liability for an accident, but motorcyclists can reduce the chance of accidents by noticing when other drivers don't see them.

Protect Legal Rights

No road or driver is perfect, which means accidents occur despite the most strenuous safety measures. Motorcyclists who are involved in road accidents can protect their financial and legal interests by understanding some basics about insurance and liability and speaking with a motorcycle accident attorney before making specific decisions about settlements or medical needs.

When an accident is the fault of another driver, a motorcyclist injured in the incident might be able to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Legalities following a road accident can become complex, especially when it's in the business interest of insurance companies to minimize payments. Just as motorcyclists must watch out for themselves on the road, they can work with professionals to protect themselves following an incident. Click here for more information.