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Car Accident Victim Of A Juvenile Driver: How A Lawyer Can Help You Sue

Was a juvenile driving in an erratic way for fun and ended up crashing into your car? If you are now left with a totaled vehicle and a bad injury, a prompt consultation with a lawyer is the first step to getting justice for the trauma that you are going through. Below, learn how a lawyer can help you go about winning a personal injury lawsuit when the person responsible is only a juvenile.

What Kind of Preparation is Needed for the First Consultation?

There is really nothing important that you need to take to your first meeting with the lawyer. You can take the accident report to hand it over to him or her if you have it, as it will be needed later on in the process anyway. Just make sure that you are prepared to answer several questions about the day of the collision. Before accepting your case, the lawyer will have to determine if you can be held liable for the collision. Even with a favorable accident report, you can still be held liable for the accident if your lawsuit is countered and won by the other party.

How will a Lawyer Handle a Lawsuit with a Juvenile Defendant?

The first step for the lawyer will be to hire an investigator to learn more about the juvenile defendant. The lawyer will find out if he or she is licensed and who the car that was being driven belongs to. If the car belongs to his or her parents, then the lawyer will move forward by suing them. Even if the car is the defendant's, his or her parents can be sued. The lawyer will also visit the accident area to gather evidence (possible video surveillance) and find witnesses. You must provide copies of your medical bills and a statement from your physician about the severity of your injury before the case moves forward.

What will Happen After Sufficient Evidence is Gathered?

Your lawyer with attempt speaking to the juvenile's parents when he or she has enough evidence. It is possible that the parents will agree to settle the lawsuit through mediation instead of going through a court trial that can take a long time. If no settlement is agreed upon, the lawyer will handle it in court. You can get paid for medical bills, counseling, lost wages, as well as for your pain and suffering.  Talk to an injury lawyer so the juvenile won't get away with the trauma he or she has caused in your life.

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