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How A Lawyer Can Assist With Filing A Workers Compensation Claim

Did you injure your back at work after falling off of a ladder? If you had to take some time off to recover and need some financial assistance, you might be entitled to workers compensation benefits. You can hire a lawyer to help prove that the benefits are deserved and raise your chance of getting approved. Find out in this article about a few of the services a lawyer can provide to help prove that your claim for workers compensation benefits is justified.

Get Medical Evidence of Your Back Injury

Your lawyer will begin obtaining medical evidence by speaking to your physician to verify that you are suffering from a back injury. The severity of the injury will be verified as well, which will be through obtaining your medical records. However, you must give the lawyer permission before he or she can obtain your medical records. Your physician will also be able to verify if the back injury likely happened at work. Evidence will be obtained for any physical therapy that you have been going through for rehabilitation as well.

Seek Assistance from a Vocational Professional

A vocational expert can be highly beneficial to your workers compensation case. Your lawyer will get evidence from a vocational expert about the physical demands that your job requires, which will be in the form of notarized documents. For instance, if you are a roofer, the vocational expert can explain how easy it is to fall off of a ladder while working. The vocational expert can also be helpful with proving that it can be difficult to work in your career field with a severe back injury. If the case goes to court, the vocational expert can appear as an expert witness on your behalf.

Present Your Claim to Your to the Insurance Company

Your lawyer can present the workers compensation benefits documents to the insurance company on your behalf. He or she will first help you fill them out and make sure that all of the important information is included. The lawyer will also present a sufficient amount of evidence to the insurance company that will make it difficult for your claim to be denied. If you are wrongfully denied benefits, your lawyer will take the case to court and present your argument in front of a judge.

Talk to a workers compensation attorney about your back injury so you can get assistance with filing a claim as soon as possible.