No Need To Feel Alone

Learn What To Do If You Think Your Loved One Is Being Injured Or Neglected At A Nursing Home

Many people live in nursing homes on a daily basis to ensure that they are safe at all times. While many facilities provide patients with the care and attention they need to be as healthy and happy as they can be, there are some facilities that are more interested in making money than providing residents with the care that they deserve and need. The guide below walks you through the steps to take if you feel that your loved one is not being cared for properly and you want to sue the nursing home for damages that they have caused to your loved one, as well as the money that you paid to the facility to care for them while they resided there.

Determine if There May Be Anything Going on in the Facility

Many people think that the only type of harm that can come to their loved one when they are in a nursing home is that they can be physically assaulted while they are there. That is not the case at all. There are times when elderly individuals can be starved, neglected, and psychologically abused without there being evidence at first glance. Take the time to talk to your loved one to find out what they are being fed, if they are receiving their medicines, and to see their demeanor when they are around the staff that work at the nursing home. If your loved one is not able to speak, talk to other residents in the home to see if they will provide you with any information regarding the care that they or your loved one receive.

Document Every Questionable Occurrence

If you notice bedsores, questionable bruises, or an overall neglect in your loved one's hygiene, it is important to document it. Take pictures, record conversations with your loved one, and write down everything that is said. Do not be afraid to ask the staff questions to find out what they claim goes on daily within the facility. Simply walking around the facility and watching how the staff interacts with the other elderly people within the facility will give you a good idea as to how they are treating your loved one when you're not around. You want to be sure to video or take pictures whenever you can in order to provide an attorney with the proof that he or she needs to fight for your elderly loved one in court.

Remove Your Loved One Right Away

You need to remove your loved one from the facility as soon as you have concrete evidence that they are not being cared for properly when you are not present. You have an obligation to make sure that your loved one is properly cared for at all times, and leaving them in a facility where they are being abused is not okay.

After you have relocated your loved one, go to an attorney like those at The Jaklitsch Law Group to fight for compensation for the pain and suffering your loved one faced and for repayment for the money you invested in your loved one's care. Standing up to the facility could spark an investigation that may save many other people from being neglected or injured in the future.