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Damaged Floorboards In A Mobile Home Could Result In An Injury

Living in a mobile home that contains damaged floorboards can be inconvenient and potentially dangerous. Maybe you didn't initially notice the problem, but are now aware of the issue due to the sponginess of the flooring when you walk across it. Let your landlord know about the floor, and be aware of how to handle a situation that involves accidentally slipping and falling on the flooring.

Give Verbal and Written Statements

Place a telephone call to the owner of the mobile home to let them know about the floorboards. Request that your landlord stops by to inspect the affected flooring. While waiting for your landlord to arrive, remove furnishings and other items that are on the floor, and prepare a written statement that describes the damage that you have observed.

Use a camera with a flash to take some photographs of the area that contains damaged floorboards. Obviously, if your landlord is a decent person, they will probably be willing to make the necessary repairs. If they are difficult to deal with, however, you will need to take further action. This is where the written statement and photographs will come into play.

If your landlord refuses to address the problem or states that they will repair the flooring, but then they make you wait for a long duration, mail a certified copy of the written statement to your landlord. Another copy of the statement and the photographs can be used as evidence if you choose to press charges.

What Happens If You or Someone Else Falls on the Flooring?

Your landlord is liable for any incidents that occur in your mobile home that are a result of their negligence. Since you have already addressed the problem with the flooring, if you or another person fall on the warped floorboards, your landlord will be responsible. Try to avoid walking across the affected flooring to the best of your ability, but if you do accidentally slip, seek legal help for the matter. Head to the hospital to get checked out, and call a slip and fall attorney to receive advice.

A medical report, your original statement, witness statements, and an inspection of the flooring will help you win your case. A slip and fall attorney will advise you concerning how to handle your rent payments and what to say if your landlord apprehends you when you are home alone. Since the flooring makes your home dangerous, it may be suggested that you move out of the mobile home for the time being.

You may also be guided to put your rental payments into an escrow account. This will keep you in good standing with your rental agreement, but will prevent your landlord from having access to the funds until the floor has been sufficiently repaired.