No Need To Feel Alone

Maximizing Your Auto Accident Claim

If you are pursuing auto accident damages, the actions you take determine the eventual damages you can claim. Here are a few steps you should take to maximize your damages.

Preserve All Evidence

Most accident victims know that they need strong evidence to win their cases. However, few people understand the scope of the necessary evidence. You need to overwhelm the other side with compelling evidence if you are to maximize your claim. The obvious evidence includes things like medical records, pictures of the accident, and injuries, as well as witnesses' testimonies.

However, there are also some less-obvious pieces of evidence that can help you. Examples include the defendant's prior conduct, a potential job promotion that you cannot take up, and upgrades you recently made to your car, among other things. The more comprehensive your evidence is, the more damages you may win.

Include All Damages

Damages are the losses you have suffered as a result of the defendant's actions. They include economic damages (easy to quantify by their dollar values) and non-economic damages (not so easy to quantify). Include all damages, even if it seems insignificant because their summation will be significant.

Look beyond the obvious damages such as medical bills and lost wages. Consider other not-so-obvious damages such as the damaged laptop that was in your car, the upcoming overtime that you won't be able to participate in, and the summer holiday that you won't be able to spend with your family. You should especially watch out for future damages; they are easy to forget.

Follow Doctors Orders

If you are still undergoing treatment or you haven't recovered properly, ensure you follow your doctor's orders to the letter. The obvious reason for this is to help with your healing, but the secondary reason is to help with your accident case. You need to show the defendant that you mitigated your damages by doing everything possible to limit your medical bills. Otherwise, the defendant might seek to limit your damages by arguing that you contributed to them.

Watch Your Behavior

Lastly, you should be careful about how you behave before your claim is settled. You need to avoid everything that might give other people the idea that you are not as hurt as you are claiming. For example, you can hurt your case if the defendant sees you carrying heavy loads while you have included damages for your back injury in your claim. Expect the defendant to do everything possible, including perusing your social media accounts and hiring a private investigator to monitor your behavior. 

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