After A Car Accident, You Might Have More Serious Internal Injuries Than You Think

A car accident can often be more catastrophic than you realize. You may think that you are not very badly injured, but a car accident can easily lead to serious internal injuries. For this reason, you will want to quickly seek treatment so you can make sure that your injuries are not more severe than you might realize. Don't Underestimate Your Injuries Internal injuries can include injuries to your internal organs and musculoskeletal system.

Horseplay At The Office May Lead Independent Contractors To Sue

Employees covered under workers' compensation insurance may have a legitimate claim when hurt at work. Unfortunately, independent contractors and self-employed persons called to a job site cannot file for these insurance benefits. A business might hire someone as an independent contractor on a "test run" before offering the person full-time employment. If the new hire gets hurt on the job, the individual might pursue a personal injury case against the employer or another party.

Will Your Accident Case Require A Trial?

The idea of pursuing an accident case can seem daunting, especially if you've never dealt that much with the legal system. You'd be right to wonder whether you may have to sue or even go to trial to get compensation. What are the odds of that happening? Fortunately, they're fairly low. The vast majority of cases never go to trial. An accident lawyer can't guarantee that, but they can look at these three aspects of your case that might raise or lower the chances of trial.