No Need To Feel Alone

What's Good for Your Lawyer Is Probably Good for You Too

Some accident situations call for more than the usual forms of support. The other driver's insurance company may not be the support system you need and even loved ones and smart friends won't know everything about dealing with an accident. If you are about to get help from a personal injury lawyer after an accident has left you with injuries and many forms of damage, what may be good news to the lawyer will also be good for you.

A Professional Evaluation

No matter what you have been told, only those who are practiced in personal injury law in your state should be giving out advice. Make an appointment with a recommended lawyer and be ready to give the lawyer all you have. The more information you provide from day one, the easier it will be for them to help you. Unfortunately, not all accident cases are right for pursuing. Count on your lawyer to give you good advice because, in many cases, their pay is based on the success of your case.

Contingency Fee Matters

Personal injury lawyers, and other types of lawyers too, often provide services to those who have good cases but no money for legal fees. When that happens, the lawyer makes a contingency fee agreement with the victim to be paid once the case is won. The lawyer's fee comes from the victims' winning settlement or court judgment if the case should go to trial. The fees are agreed on in advance and are a percentage of the winnings. For example, you might agree that the lawyer will be paid 33% of your winnings for a settlement and 40% for a court case. Court cases are more time-consuming to deal with than settlements.

Will They Work for You?

The value of your case and whether the lawyer has time to work on it will influence whether you have a lawyer now or after you've spoken to other lawyers. The value of a case depends on several factors such as:

  • Who was at fault and how clear is that assertion? Lawyers usually only work with clients who are 100% the victims.
  • How much are the victim's medical bills? The more they are, the higher the pain and suffering award.
  • Is the case complex, involving more than two drivers?
  • Did the victim seek immediate medical treatment? Prompt medical attention is a must.
  • Is the victim employed and did they miss time from work? Are they unable to continue in their career given their injuries?
  • How old is the victim?
  • How does this case compare to other similar cases in the area in terms of compensation?

As you can see, the more eager a personal injury lawyer is to represent you, the better your chances of being paid what you deserve. Speak to a lawyer and get started on your case today.