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Accidents and Vascular Health: What to Know

A vehicle accident can cause numerous injuries and endless suffering. However, some victims may not be ready for the way an accident can create new vascular conditions when none existed before. To learn more about how dangerous an accident can be to your veins and arteries, and how to be paid money for damages as a result, read on.


When a blood vessel is damaged, it can cause areas of weakness that result in a bulge, or an aneurysm. If not rectified, the bulge can burst open and cause instantaneous death for the victim. Many vehicle accident victims suffer severe blows to the head, a location rich with vulnerable blood vessels. Unfortunately, victims may be unaware of the danger lurking until it's too late. If you have been in an accident, never turn down an exam to check things out. Those who either suffered a blow to the head or don't remember what happened should get a scan so that this problem can be alleviated before further damage occurs.

Swelling and Compartment Syndrome

It's not unusual for accident victims to have swelling because of getting knocked around in an accident. However, this swelling can be more than uncomfortable if compartment syndrome occurs. The natural reaction to an injury could create too much pressure on your blood vessels, muscles, and nerves in certain areas that effectively close off an area from circulation. When that happens, pain and permanent damage to the tissues is possible. In extreme cases, amputation is required.

Dissection of the Arteries

This dangerous condition may be caused by an impact during a crash in which the artery walls literally fall apart. This leads to copious internal and external bleeding. This loss of blood, which can be catastrophically sudden and intense, can lead to death. However, more subtle issues can also occur so watch for dizziness, fainting, and vision problems after the accident and seek help immediately.

Permanent Disabilities

Unfortunately, some of the above vascular conditions can lead to a great deal of suffering by victims. In many cases, the damage caused by a careless driver could result in permanent conditions that create problems with earning money, attending to a family, and enjoyment of life. When an accident causes more than the usual amount of suffering for victims, they may be entitled to be paid for more than just their medical expenses.

Speak to a personal injury attorney before you do anything else. Don't make the mistake of accepting an offer without legal help. Once you do, you cannot go back and seek more money once you realize that you will be dealing with the medical issues your entire life.

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