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Reasons To Consider Hiring An Uber Accident Attorney

More people today prefer using Uber cab services thanks to their convenience and affordability. All you have to do is make a few taps on the application, and a vehicle will be sent to take you to your destination. However, accidents can occur unexpectedly. Sometimes, it may not be the fault of the service provider. 

When an accident leaves you devastated, you will need a professional to help you know what to do. Getting in touch with an Uber accident attorney will make it easier to file a claim. Here is why you should get an Uber accident attorney.

They'll Help You Navigate the Insurance Procedure

Filing an insurance claim after an Uber accident isn't easy because coverages can be offered by the driver or Uber. So, you will need an attorney to determine the at-fault party and which insurance company needs to cover your settlement. Will it be the driver's insurance company or Uber's insurer? 

In some instances, you may need to file several insurance claims with various policies, like both Uber and the driver. Uber accident attorneys know how to navigate the insurance process and will assess the case facts and prepare and file the required claims. They'll ensure you get a fair settlement for your injuries.

They'll Calculate Your Claim's Worth

Like most accident victims, you may think your claim will only involve adding the medical bills and requesting the insurance company to reimburse you. When you do this, you will underestimate the value of your losses. A car accident damage includes much more than the medical expenses you incur. 

What if you need physical therapy, energy transportation, or more medical checkups after the treatment, or need to acquire a wheelchair or crutches? How will you cover these costs? You should also consider other aspects like lost income and pain and suffering in the settlement. An attorney will ensure all these factors are put into consideration to determine the claim value.

They Negotiate With the Insurers

Insurance companies always try their best to find loopholes in a case, so they can offer little compensation. The amount they offer will not be enough to pay for the expenses you incur after the accident. Some even refuse to pay any amount as compensation. Taking on this battle when you lack the expertise will only be a waste of time. 

It's better to let an Uber accident attorney represent you. They have the skills to understand the common tactics insurance companies use and will negotiate to get a fair settlement. If the insurance company doesn't pay, the attorney can sue them too.

Contact a local Uber accident attorney to learn more.