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What Gets Left Out Of Insurance Payments After An Accident?

Many people don't give a second thought about what they are entitled to after an accident. They might assume that their needs will be covered by either their own auto insurance or the insurance of the driver that caused the accident. That is not always the case, however. Read on and find out more.

What to Expect After an Accident

Only after learning what to expect do many accident victims begin to understand why they need a personal injury lawyer. Insurance benefits are not given out freely. It can be difficult to get what you deserve and that is what keeps lawyers busy after an accident. When you can get the insurer to cover a form of damage, they may pay slowly or pay less than you need. Unfortunately, the more damages you have, the less cooperation you might find with the other driver's insurer. Insurers try to pay as little as possible, and they count on most victims not being represented by a lawyer.

Car Repairs and Medical Bills

The two above forms of damage are the main things most auto insurance carriers cover. The insurance policies, in most cases, cover the replacement of a vehicle that has been deemed to be a total loss. They will repair vehicles that may be repairable.

In addition, they should cover the victim's medical bills. That includes most customary costs like emergency room visits, medication, hospitalization, and more. However, they may be slow in paying claims and that can leave victims holding the bag. Delayed claims can mean the victim will be subject to collection actions and permanent bad marks on their credit report.

Other Accident Damage Categories

While car repairs and medical bill payments are better than nothing, many accident victims don't realize that they are entitled to so much more from the insurer. Remember, they are for-profit businesses and are not going to voluntarily offer you money unless they must. This is when many victims turn to personal injury lawyers to help them get paid the damages they need.

Did You Miss Work?

Many accident victims miss a lot of work and the income that goes along with it. However, this is not a common form of payment for most insurers. You are entitled to it and your lawyer will see to it that you are paid for it.

Have You Experienced Pain and Suffering?

Many accident victims experience discomfort, pain, anxiety, depression, worry, and many more emotions after an accident. To be paid for that sort of thing, you will need to get an attorney to help you both prove and negotiate a payment for this form of damage.

Get what you deserve after an accident. Speak to a personal injury law firm such as Henley & Henley, PC about your case.