3 Tips For Building Personal Injury Cases

When you are taking a personal injury case to court, you have a lot riding on a successful outcome. Because of this, you'll need to be sure that you are doing all that you can to not only put forth a solid case, but to win it. By following the tips outlined in this guide, while also getting the help of a quality personal injury lawyer (such as one from the Law Offices Of J. [Read More]

2 Circumstances Where You Should Refrain From Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Many people wonder if they have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. They might see other people getting a good deal of money from a personal injury suit and wonder if that would work for them. Although, there are some cases where a lawsuit would be advised, there are other cases where you shouldn't file a lawsuit. Here are some instances where you should refrain from filing a lawsuit. The Defendant Doesn't Have Insurance Or A Large Estate [Read More]

Duty Of Care In Personal Injury Cases

Duty of care is a facet of the law that is critical in proving negligence in a personal injury case. If you wish to prove negligence in your case, you may have to prove that the defendant has breached his duty of care. Though there are no legal measurements of duty of care, there are some legal standards to help determine whether or not a defendant has breached it. What is duty of care? [Read More]

How Your Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help You Regain Self-Sufficiency

Even though bankruptcy is usually the financial strategy of last resort, it does offer you some relief to start over. Your attorney will want to help you attain the three objectives to a successful chapter 7 bankruptcy and reap the most benefits from its legal provisions. This will help you obtain a renewed goal of self-sufficiency. The three goals are: 1.  Obtaining Time and Protection to Regroup                                                                                             [Read More]