Special Issues In Motorcycle Accident Claims

A motorcycle injury claim has some special issues that may not feature much in a car injury claim. Here are three examples of such special issues: Bias Due to human nature, many people tend to be biased against motorcyclists in motorcycle-car accidents. Many people think motorcycles are inherently dangerous and motorcyclists disregard road rules. Therefore, in a motorcycle-car accident, the unspoken assumption is likely to be that the motorcyclist is at fault. [Read More]

Why Do I Need An Auto Accident Attorney?

If you've recently been involved in an auto collision, it may be tempting to save some cash by representing yourself in the claim, especially when injuries and monetary damages are minimal. But without an experienced attorney on your side, you risk an unfair settlement – or even a complete lack of justice served. Fault laws will vary from state, but the general guidelines remain the same: in order to receive compensation from another party, you'll first need to show that they were legally responsible for the accident. [Read More]

Two Ways You Can Sabotage Your Personal Injury Settlement Award

There's a popular saying that states people are often their own worst enemies. When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, it's not unusual for plaintiffs to say or do something that tanks an otherwise slam-dunk case. Here are two ways you can inadvertently sabotage your potential settlement or court award and how to avoid them. Failure to Mitigate Damages Although someone else's actions may have caused you to be injured in some way, the law requires you to take steps to mitigate your damages. [Read More]

A Guide To Understanding How Attorney Fees Work

If you are considering pursuing a personal injury case, and need to hire a lawyer, it is vital that you understand exactly what costs you will be expected to pay and when you will be expected to pay them. Here is a quick guide to how attorney's fees generally works. Use this guide as a basis for discussing your legal expenses with your potential attorney.  The Difference Between Fees and Costs [Read More]